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Please scroll down to view some Projects with our esteemed Clients:

NESPAK office G5 Islamabad

  • Installation of 2x 400kva Generators

  • Sound Attenuated Enclosures

  • ATS panels for two generator sets and single utility

  • Fuel tank 20,000 liter

  • Auto fuel filling system

US Consulate Peshawar

  • Complete Switchgear (3200 Amp)

  • Synchronizing panel (mains with Generators) with AMF/ATS, MOR and power DB’s Panel

  • Auto Fuel filling System(7 Fuel Tanks)

Bahria Town Islamabad

  • 8 MW Diesel Power Generators (4X3516 B)

  • Synchronization of 8 nos genset

  • Bus Tie Duct from 9500 Amp panel to 5.5 MVA Transformer

  • LT panel

  • Auto fuel filling sytem

  • Supply and installation of 40,000 liters underground fuel storage tank

  • Supply and installation of 30,000 liters underground fuel storage tank

Australian High Commission

  • Installation of 500 kVA Genset

Pepsi Co Limited

  • Synchronization of gensets with WAPDA for soft load transfer

  • 1X3516B 1 MW Gas and 1×725 kVA Diesel

World Bank

  • Installation and Synchronization of generators sets

  • Complete rehabilitation of electrical switchgear

The Centaurus Mall

  • Design and installation of 3x1MW Diesel Generator sets in Basement

  • Supply and installation of 03 Nos 5000 liters fuel tanks

  • Forced draft ventilation system

  • Critical grade exhaust silencers

Stillmans Pakistan

  • Design and Consultancy for complete power system

  • Electrification of entire factory

  • Supply and installation of switchgear and distribution panels

Jotun Paints

  • Power house construction (civil works)

  • Supply and Installation of switchgear panel

  • Installation of 635 KVA Genset

Saudi Pak Tower

  • Installation and Synchronization of 1×635 Kva with 500 kva Diesel genset

  • complete rehabilitation electrical switchgear

SNL Islamabad

  • Design, Consultancy and installation of 2×640 kva Gensets

  • Switchgear and distribution board supply and installation

  • Electrical Installation of each floor

  • complete electrification for 7 floor building

RMI Hospital Peshawar

  • Installation of 1MW diesel generator set

  • Supply and installation of AMF/ATS Panel switchgear

PC Muzaffarabad

  • Installation of 1MW and 500 kva diesel generator sets at PC Muzaffarabad

  • ATS Panel

  • Exhaust System

PC Bhurban

  • 3200 Amp ATS panel

  • 2500 Amp LT panel

  • Complete onsite revamp of

  • the existing LT panels using new ACBs

PC Rawalpindi

  • 1600 Amp ATS panel

  • 1200 Amp ATS panel

  • Distribution boards

  • Electrical system revamp

Telenor Jehlum MSC

  • Complete Backup Power system of the media gateway consisting of 2×500 kVA and 1×250 kVA diesel generator sets

  • Complete switchgear and ATS panel with MOR

Coca Cola HQ, Lahore

  • Sound proofing of generator room and reduce the sound at lowest level 70 dbA

  • Auto fuel filling system

  • 25000 litters fuel tank

Qavi Envgineers

  • PLC based Fuel management, transfer and control system

  • LT panel (2500 Amp)

  • Cable tray and wire-way works

OGDCL Head Quarter

  • Complete rehabilitation of the existing electrical system

  • Installation of 2×725 kVA,1×1250 kVA

  • Synchronization of the generator sets with WAPDA for soft load transfer

Lays Plant

  • Design and Execution of heat recovery project for vegetable oil tank heating by utilizing the flue gases of KHX chips fryer.

Coca-Cola Factory Gujranwala

  • 300,000 litters MS storage tank (Cylindrical Vertical) manufacturing and erection on site.


  • Supply and Installation of LT Panels.


  • Supply and Installation of works for 6 x C400D5 (350KVA) Generators Enclosure

  • Supply of Synch Panel Suitable for 2XC400D5 (350KVA) DG SetsUsing to number of ACB TP 800-A

  • Supply of control wiring for synch for each DG Set synch Panel

China State Construction

  • Supply and Installation of Complete LT Panels

Allied Engineering & Services

  • Supply and Installation of works for 5 x D3516B (2000KVA) Generators at BBI Airport Islamabad

Telenor Islamabad

  • Complete Scope of Work regarding Generator Enclosures (75dBA in 1 meter), Tanks And LT-Switchgear with Installation

KSB Pumps

  • LT- Switchgear (MCC-Panels)

Fatima Fertilizer

  • Supply incoming, Outgoing & MCC Panel

PTC Head Quarter Islamabad

  • Supply ATS with 1000-A, Synch with 800-A ACB’s, Foundation Pad, earth pit, Cable Tray, Power and control cable laying.

Hasas Construction

  • Supply & Installation of ATS Panels, Fuels Tanks, Foundation Pad,

  • Radiator Ducting, Erathing, Exhaust Silenser Fitting, Cladding and Insulation.

Nayatel Islamabad

  • Complete Switchgear for the head office

  • Mobile trolleys for various generators

  • ATS panels for various ratings of the generator sets


  • Supply & Installation of Enclosure for C1100D5 x 04 (1000Kva) GenSet.

  • Supply & Installation of 4500 Ltr Day Fuel Tanks x 04 complete in all respect with pipe line.

  • Supply & Installation of 35,000 Ltr Underground Fuel Tank with PLC Base auto Fuel filling and Monitoring system.